Cash Receipts - Miscellaneous Cash Receipts (Non-Owner Payments)

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A Miscellaneous cash receipt is used to track when you have received any additional funds, other than homeowner dues payments, that have accepted by your community. Examples of when you would enter a payment as a miscellaneous cash receipt: 

  • Key FOB
  • Pool Passes
  • Insurance Claims 
  • Vending Machine Income 
  • Facilities Rental 
  • Money Transfers
  • Donations
  • Vendor refunds/credits
  • Payments from Owners that should not be recorded on their Payment History 

To keep a clear audit log, it is helpful to write the company or source description for the Miscellaneous Cash Receipts
on the deposit ticket for future reference as well as enter this description when recording the transaction. 

This guide will give you step-by-step instructions on how to add a Miscellaneous Cash receipt 


Step By Step

1. Click Accounts Receivable and select Cash Receipts.


2. Click Cash Receipts- Miscellaneous


3. Under Details, fill in the information regarding this payment.


Bank Account Defaults the community default bank account. This account is the account that will be affected once the transaction is posted. 

Check Mode 

Single Check 

Batch of Checks

Check Number  Enter in the check number of the payment received, if any.

Reference  Enter a Description that explains what this Misc. Cash Receipts
is for. 

Amount  Enter the Total Amount of the Misc. Cash Receipts regardless of how the
payment is to be distributed.

Effective Date  This will be the date that the transaction will hit the GL accounts.


4. Enter Account information under Distribution


Account Enter or click the icon to select the  GL Account to credit this Misc. Cash Receipt against

Reference Enter a Description that explains what this Misc. Cash Receipts is for. 

Amount  The Amount of the Misc. Cash Receipt that is to be credited against this
GL Account. 

5. (Optional) To add another distribution account, click on the 2018-12-11_11_38_56-Window.jpg button. 

If multiple accounts are entered, the accounts under distribution should equal the Total Amount entered under details. 


To remove a Distribution Line, click the 2018-12-11_11_46_29-Window.jpg icon. 


7. To finish, click Post or Post & Add New +



Add Comment to Transaction

 1. Click Actions then Add Comment 



2. Enter the Comment Subject. 

3. Enter the Comment Post Date 

4. Enter the full Comment Message. 

5. Enable the Public Comment toggle to have this comment appear on the Owner Portal. 

6. Click Save. 

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