Batch Waive Charge


The Batch Waive feature allows you to make a negative adjustment (up to the amount owed) on an existing charge on all or a variety of homeowners. While you still have the option to make adjustments to a single owner at a time, this function can be used when changes need to be made to multiple homes at a single time. When waiving a charge, the amount cannot exceed what is currently owed. The main steps to perform a batch waive are: 

1. Select a charge code to waive. 
2. Select the owners
3. Determine the amount to waive.



Once the charge code and owners are selected, the adjustment screen will show the owners' current balances for that code. 

Code Code selected to waive for the owners listed in Step 7

Description Code description set during code setup. 

Owner Owners that meet the criteria set in Step 8

Property & Account 

Current Balance Owners Current balance on the charge code. 

Waives cannot be more than the current balance

Amount Displays the amount to be waived from the charge code. 




Step By Step 

1. Click Portfolio then Communities. Select the community to work in. 

2. Click Accounts Receivable then select Adjustments. 



3. Select Batch Add/Waive


4. Under Function, click the drop-down menu and select Batch Waive Charge

5. Post Date the date the Adjustment will affect the homeowners' ledger 

6. Select the Scheduling frequency 

This Time Only Will process and Post waive immediately 

Schedule Accrues the waive and notifies to review and post the charges.

Automate Accrues and posts the waive without any further user interaction. 


7. Select a charge code to waive from the drop-down menu

8. Select to view all owners, or select an option to filter the owners' list.

Adjustments do not need to be made to all owners that are on the list. Only make adjustments to the necessary owners.  


All Owners Will display all owners in the community

Range of... When selecting a "Range Of..." option, you will be able to enter a starting/end range to filter homeowners. 



Sections Select one or many  Sections from the selected community and selected owners linked to that Section.

Cost Centers Select one or many Cost Centers from the selected community and selected owners linked to that Cost Center

9. Select from the following calculation method.  


Amount Based on Formula Waives the total amount due for the charge code selected using the option selected. 

The example is using the Less than or equal to the option

Waive the A1 dues for owners who have a balance of $1600 or less.


Manually Enter Quickly add and tab through a list to add the amounts quickly.

Zero Balance in the Code Waives the total balance for the code.


10. Verify the ending values in the Amount column.
If needed, click the  icon to change the amount being waived.
To remove a line, click the   icon. 


11. When finished, click 

12. Verify the information on the Waive Charge Review page.

13. Select an action to perform.

Action Button

Edit Transaction Edit the Credit and Debit accounts being used
Post Transaction
Complete and Post the transaction
Delete Adjustment
Deletes the accrued batch. 

To edit the waived amount

Click the icon  to edit the amount 

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