Adjustments - How to Add/Edit Owner Security Deposits

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Once the Security Deposit code has been enabled,  


Step By Step  

1. Click Portfolio then Community. Select the community to work in.

2. Click Accounts Receivable then Adjustments

3. Click the Security Deposit tile. 



This will open the Adjustments page


3. Search for an Owner 

Can be searched for by their name, property number, account number, etc

The owner's status will show below the address. If the status says property, they are the primary owner. 



If an owner has a balance for this code, it will display under Current Balance. mceclip3.png


4. Edit the Post Date if necessary

Click the calendar icon to change the date, or manually type the date in.


5. Enter the Adjustment amount. 

a. To increase the balance, enter a positive amount. 


b. To decrease the amount on an existing balance, add a negative ( - ) sign in front of the number. (A credit balance in security deposits are not permitted)



6. Enter/Search the Credit & Debit Account 

If you're unsure which accounts to pick, reach out to your CPA. 


7. When finished, Click Accrue on the top right corner 


This will take you to the Security Deposit Review page. 

To edit the Owner or the Adjustment amount, click mceclip8.png



9. Once all the information is correct, click Actions then Post Transaction 


You will be able to find the posted transaction in your Activity Feed


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