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Importing Vendors gives you the option to enter your vendors on a Global Excel Spreadsheet format and then enter them with one import instead of entering them manually into the system.

You can add information like the Vendor ID, Name, address, contact and & Insurance information. 


Once the vendors are imported, they will appear in the All Communities filter for your instance. Once a vendor is used in a specific community, they will appear in the desired community. 

This article will have the sample file used and instructions on how to use the Import Vendors.csv file to add your vendors into TOPS [ONE].


The file used to import vendors is very sensitive, do not make changes to the headers, and do not add extra columns. You can change the file name but keep the file type as .csv.


Step By Step 

1. Click Admin

2. Click Action then Import Vendors



3. If you already have the ImportVendors.csv file in the TOPS [ONE] format, click Select Files.


If you do not have the file, download the .csv file at the bottom of this article, and follow the instructions below.


Filling out the .CSV file

  1. Download the file attached to this article
    Or Click Download a Sample in the dialog box above. 
  2. Open-File
  3. Fill out as instructed below


What info am I filling out?

You will use the import vendors file to add the following information:


**Column A - Vendor ID - Enter the Vendor alias. Must be unique. 

**Column B - Vendor - Vendor Display Name

Column C - Phone 1- Main 

Column D - Fax 

Column E - Phone 2

Column F - Street Name- Add the street name only 

Column G -Street Number- Add the street number only 

Column H- Apt Number

Column I - City  

Column J - State

Column K - Zip 

Column L - 1099 ID- Enter the Vendor's 1099 ID if applicable 

Column M - 1099 Flag- To enable the Received 1099 Flag, enter TRUE 

Column N - Contact 2

Column O-T - Vendor Insurance information

Column U - Email 




What does the import file look like?


Congrats! You filled out the file!.... Now what?


After you click Select Files and upload your file, you will see a Green bar.

This will let you know the file finished uploading.


Click the Notification Bell to see the status of the upload.


If successful

You will see a message similar to this on your notification bell.

1. To view the imported vendors, click Accounts Payable then Vendors. 

2. Change the Community select to All Communities. 

Hover your mouse over the arrow next to the community name, and select All Communities. 


If Errors are Found

1. Click the notification with the error

2. An Error file will download. Column A will explain the error within the file.

You can make the edits right on the error file, and re-upload.


3. Once the issues are resolved, click Select File, upload file with fixes.


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