AR Setup - Add/Edit an Assessment Amount for a New/Different Fiscal Year




“Assessment” codes are used to define regularly scheduled, recurring charges that are accrued and posted to an owner ledger on a regular basis (i.e. monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.)   

When a new year is set up, the assessment amounts for that year must be set. 
Without setting the new amounts, automatic AR charges will not post. 

Once setup, Assessment Codes charges are assigned to individual property and can be posted to all assigned owners using the AR, Charges, Apply Charges Feature.  

An unlimited number of Assessment Codes can be added to your TOPS[ONE] community.

This article will go over how to add an assessment amount for a new/different fiscal year.  



Step By Step 

1. Click Portfolio and select Communities. Select a community.

2. Locate the Related Links section toward the bottom right of the Community page, and select Codes


3. Locate the code to edit, click the Edit icon. 




4. Scroll down to Code Categories, and select the fiscal year to edit. 

5. Edit the information as needed. 

Category Name  Enter a number or name for this Category

Description  Enter a Description of type of home or name of assessment category

Amount  Enter amount of Charge (500.00, 950.00, etc.)

Late Fee Amount of Late fee

Minimum Liability Minimum Liability (amount due for this assessment) before a late fee is calculated and posted.


6. In order to create a set a new amount, a new Code Category must be created.

1. Fill out the details in the blank spaces below. 
2. Click Add 


7. Once finished, click Save

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