Create mailing labels for Primary Owners and Vendors

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Mailing labels can be generated a few ways in TOPS [ONE]. This method will go over how to generate mailing labels for primary homeowners and/or vendors


Generating Mailing Labels for Multiple Communities 

Generating Mailing Labels for Select Owners


Step By Step 

1. Click Portfolio then Community. Select the community you want to work in. 

2. Click Actions then Mailing Labels. 



3. Click the Actions Button

4. Click Mailing Labels

5. Select who to generate labels for. 

Owners Primary Owners for the community

Vendors Vendors used in that community. 

6. Select the Community you want to create labels for

1. Click the Select All toggle to select all of the communities listed

2. Click the Check Box to select the desired communities 

7. Select how to create the labels.  

Export(.xls) - Will export to an Excel File in your downloads folder

Generate mailing labels from an excel sheet.

Generate (.pdf) - Will create a .pdf in your Activity Feed in a COM Batch 

8. Download the file. 

If Exported was selected, download the excel sheet at the bottom of the screen.

 If Generate was selected, download the PDF by:

1. Go to the Communities activity feed, click the transaction then View Document 

2. Click the Notification Bell, then Click Mailing Labels Job Complete


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