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When a home is being sold to a new homeowner, a resale should be performed. 

This function moves the current property owner to a previous owner, prompting you to enter the name of the new owner or select the new owner name from a list of existing owners. TOPS [ONE] will keep track of both the new owner and the previous owner. The entire owner payment history can stay with the new owner, stay with the previous owner, or can be split between owners during the resale process.

This article will give you step by step instructions on how to perform an owner resale.


A resale cannot be deleted or undone. Double check the owners and properties before performing this action! 


Step By Step 

1. In the navigation pane, click Portfolio then Properties.


2. Select the property you want to work on

3. Click Actions then Resale 


4. This will take you to the Resale page


5. Confirm the Property located on the left-hand side

6. Select the Resale Date 

7. Choose who to resale to - Select either Existing Contact or New Owner:

Existing Contact

A list of existing owners will pop up. Select a contact, and click OK. 

The contact information will populate below the Resale To: lin


New Owner

Fill in the information

Only First and Last name are required. 



8. Click Next  on the top right corner

9. Select an Account History Option then Click Next


New Owner Keeps Account History -all owner account history will stay with New Owner

Account History Stays with Previous Owner

 Split Account History as of Resale Date

Note: when splitting history the system will move all history dated up to and including the "resale date" to the Previous Owner.  Any history dated after the Resale Date is moved to the new Property Owner.You Will see the Beginning balance for the new owner next to the selecting option

10. If Reoccurring charges need to be applied to the new owner, click the Drop down menu and select a charge then click Add Code 


11. To remove a code, click the x next to the code listed. 

12. Click Next 

13. In the next window, verify the information on the Owner Resale Summary


14. Click Save 


You will be redirected to the property page. The owner name will be on the top right side, under the actions button. 




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