Mailing - Generating Labels for Select Owners/Owner Types

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Mailing Labels Overview



This guide will give you step by step instructions on how to customize, export and generate mailing labels for multiple contacts for a single community. This includes non-primary owners, previous owners, and renters. 


Before You Start (optional)

Do you need to filter your owner's list? If you need to just pull labels for a specific owner type, like a renter, use the filters option. 

Visit our Filtering Owners article for more details! 



Step by Step 

1. Click Portfolio then Owners 

2. Select the owners you want to generate mailing labels for by clicking the + icon.

The + Icon will change to  once selected. 


3. Click Actions then Create Mailing Labels 


This will display a list of the owners that were selected, in the order they were selected in. 

4. Edit the Sort Order and/or change the module's Settings. (optional) 


Sort  Click the drop-down menu to change the sort order. 



Starting Row & Starting Column This option defaults to for the labels to start printing in the first mailing label (First row, first column).  

To start printing from a different label, select the appropriate Row and Column. 


 2. Include Account Number Enable this toggle to display the owner's Account Number on the mailing label. 

3. Use Property Address By default, the primary mailing address is used when generating mailing labels. Enable the toggle to use the property address. 


4 To save your settings, click apply  

5. Select how you want the labels created.  

Export(.xls) - Will export to an Excel File in your downloads folder

Generate (.pdf) - Will create a .pdf in your Activity Feed in a COM Batch

This will open the Mailing Labels using your default PDF viewer. 


Note: If the mailing labels are taking a while to generate, you will get a notification in your notification center letting you know when the job is complete. 




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