Cash Receipts - Redistribute Charges on a Posted Cash Receipt

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Owner Payment Adjustments



When a homeowner submits a payment, that payment is entered into the system as a Cash Receipt. If a homeowners payment was distributed incorrectly, the owner adjustment page allows the user to easily make changes without having to delete and repost the payment. 

To prevent from getting the error " Cannot post payment adjustment that will result in a negative code balance for..." use the Owner Balance Report to see owners true balance for the transaction date. 


Step By Step

1.  Click Portfolio then Communities. Select the community to work in. 


2. Click Accounts Receivable then Cash Receipts 


3. Select Payment Adjustments


4. Enter the Property/Owner 

Search using the Address, Name, account or lot number.


Once the Property/Owner has been selected, their posted cash receipts will appear under Payments 
5. Select the payment to adjust. Selected payment will have a 


6. Click to edit the selected payment. 


The Edit Payment screen will display the original distribution for the payment. 
The Charge Code will display the code and the amount currently being distributed.
If backdating, use the Owner Balance Report to verify the owners balances for that date. A payment cannot be posted for more than what an owner owes on. 

7. To change the code, click the drop-down menu and select another code. 


8. To change the amount being distributed to that code, enter the amount under Distribution 


9. The Total Payment Distribution must equal to the originally posted check amount. 


10. The Post Date will default to the post date for the cash receipt being edited. Change if necessary. 

11. Verify the edits on the page, and click Post to complete the transaction. 

When finished, click Post 


Add Comment to Transaction

 1. Click Actions then Add Comment 



2. Enter the Comment Subject. 

3. Enter the Comment Post Date 

4. Enter the full Comment Message. 

5. Enable the Public Comment toggle to have this comment appear on the Owner Portal. 

6. Click Save. 

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