Adjustments - Waive a Bad Debt

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This guide will go over how to waive a bad debt


Step By Step

1. Click Accounts Receivable then Adjustments 


2. Click Owner Adjustment


3. Locate the code to remove the charge from 

4. Enter a negative number (using a minus sign) in the box under adjustment. This will reduce the owner's balance. 


5. The codes default Credit and Debit accounts will be used for the transaction. To edit the gl accounts being used, click Show General Ledger.

6. Remove your income account, and click the 2018-07-31_16_17_36-Window.jpgto add the Bad Debt Expense account


Click X to remove the account currently selected, then type the account number or select the folder icon to search your accounts. 




7. Review the page. When complete, click Post 


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