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If you're reading this article, chances are you're getting ready to join the TOPS [ONE] family! Welcome! Exporting your community into .cvs files will be necessary in order to migrate over to TOPS [ONE].

This guide will give you step by step instructions on how to export your community from TOPS Professional. 


Before you start...

  • Close any unclosed previous years
  • Post any open AR Batches, which are dated prior to the export cutoff date
  • Make a note of any open AR Batches, which are dated after the export cutoff date (they will need to be reentered into TOPS [ONE] after the import
  • Apply Owner AR Prepaids
  • Ensure the GL in TOPS Pro is setup correctly
  • Cut checks for open AP invoices or cancel open AP invoices and enter them into TOPS [ONE] after the import  Reconcile Bank Accounts
  • Ensure Financial Statements are all in balance



Step By Step

Export the community from TOPS Professional 


1.Open TOPS Professional 

2. Select any community to enter TOPS. 

3. Then click Select


4. Click Utilities then Import / Export Data


5. Select the community, or communities, and change the As of: date if necessary. Click Export now.


6. Click OK when the DONE dialog box pops up. 

7. Click Open Export Folder 


File Explorer will open. The files will be in your designated TOPS folder in the CSVExport folder 

8. You will see a folder with the Community Alias and the As of Date as the name. 


9. Double click the folder name to see the files TOPS [ONE] will need for the import. 




Folder Breakdown

- The Folder Name uses the date that the files were exported



-The files in the folder use the As Of Date when the files were exported from PRO 

10. Once you have these files, you're ready to upload your new community to TOPS [ONE]. 

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