Unregister an Owner's Portal Access


The Owner Portal is the one-stop location for homeowners to see information regarding their home. A homeowner is able to log into their portal using the primary email address listed on their owner profile.  If a homeowner registered with an incorrect email, or if they want to edit the email being used, use the Unregister button. 

The Unregister button will remove the current email address from the Owner Portal database, and the owner will need to register with the correct email address. 


Step By Step 

1. Go to Portfolio then Communities. Select the Community the owner is in. 

2. Click Portfolio then Owners. Select the owner to edit. 

The owner can be searched by their name, account or lot number, email, or property address. 


This will open the Owner's profile. Verify the owner has an Active Owner Access log in before proceeding. 

If the Owner Access status is anything but Active, the unregister button will not be present. 


3. On the owner's page, click Actions then Edit Primary Owner 


4. Scroll to Owner Access, click the Unregister button.


5. Verify the selection after reading the prompt


If successful, the following message will appear at the bottom of the page. 

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