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Initial Setup

TOPS Mailroom is the embedded direct mail service built into TOPS [ONE]. With TOPS Mailroom things like generating coupons for your community (or a few owners), and sending messages to your homeowners, has been made easier.

Before TOPS Mailroom can be utilized throughout your communities, you must complete the registration.

If you already have a SouthData ID, it is recommended to add it to the registration to link any accounts you may have. 

Registering Communities 

Once the initial TOPS Mailroom Setup has been completed, each community will need to be registered in order to start using Mailroom features.

Before a community can use this feature, it will need to have a Remit, where payments are to be sent for coupons and statement, Return Payment Address. 


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Initial Setup

Registering your Communities 

Template Settings


Step By Step


Initial Setup

1. Click Admin 



2. Under Related Links Click TOPS Mailroom Setup


3. Start the Registration for TOPS Mailroom


1. Click Registration or

2. Click Actions then Registration 


The registration form will auto-populate with the Client information, and the Contact Name will be the person who submitted this request.

4. Edit the data on the registration form as needed.

5. Click Register 


If successful, you will see the following message below 


Once you submitted the registration form, you will need to log into the TOPS Mailroom Portal.


6. Click TOPS Mailroom Portal to continue.


7. Once on the Mailroom Portal page, click the button Click Here to access your PAF forms


8. Fill out the PAF & MLOCR Processing Forms


Once Registration has completed, the TOPS Mailroom Page will have a list of all communities and the option to register them.



Registering your Communities

The screen will have a list of all communities. If the community does not have a remit and a return payment address, they will not be able to use TOPS Mailroom until it is added.


1. Verify the Remit & Return Payment addresses selected for each community.
To select different address, click the   icon, then the  to save your selection.


2. Click Register 


Once registered, the community will say Registered 


Template Settings

Now that you've enrolled in Mailroom, it's time to set the mailroom template options.

It is best practice to set the settings for any templates that may be used for Mailroom. Once the settings have been set, it's time to start sending some letters out! 

Available Options 

Printing Color 

  • Black and White
  • Color

Printing Duplex

  • Single Sided
  • Double Sided


  • First Class
  • Certified 
  • Both


Step By Step

1. Click Admin 

2. Under Related Links  click Template Library


3. Click the mceclip1.pngicon on the top right of the page. 

4. Select the Letter Type

5. Find the letter to work with, and click Mailroom Options. This will bring up the Mailroom Options Modal. 

6. Set the appropriate settings. 

The Estimated Pricing per setting will be available before you proceed. 

7. Once the correct settings are set, click Save. 

If successful, a green bar will come up on the bottom of the page. 


8. Repeat for all templates that will be used for Mailroom. 

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