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The Edit All feature does just that. Instead of having to manually edit one vendor at a time, this allows you to edit the information in bulk.

You will be able to change things like aliases, Billing address, their 1099 eligibility, contact, insurance information, and more without having to leave one page.

This feature can also be used to export the vendor information to use as a makeshift report. 


There are a few main steps when editing a batch of vendors:

1. Select the Parameters to Edit

2. Search for Vendors/Parameters

3. Edit vendor information

4. Save the Changes Made 

 This article will go over the steps to necessary to edit Vendors in a batch.


Step By Step 


1. Click Accounts Payable then Vendors

2.  To view all vendors, hover your mouse over the community name on the top right of the page, and click All Communities. 

3. (optional) To view in inactive vendors, click the Filter icon, and select Inactive or Active and Inactive 

4. Click the Edit All icon 


5. In the new screen, click the  icon to select the parameters 



Selecting the Parameters to Edit

Only edit, and see, the columns you want. Changing the columns is as easy as clicking parameter name to add/remove columns on the view.


The Green Check Marks indicate the Columns that are selected for Mass Edit.

6.  Click to select or deselect the columns from your view.


Searching for Specific Vendors to Edit 

To search for a specific vendor or for vendors with a certain status, use the following options.

When a parameter is selected to edit, those can be used as a filter.

Click Search to view the results below the filter.


Now that you have the view you want, you can easily edit the information


1. Click Edit


If you still see your filters, clicking the filter toggle will hide the options.

 2. The fields for the selected columns are now editable. Click in the field ONCE to make your changes. 

Tip: You can click on the column headers to sort the view by that header

To quickly move across the row (Left to right), click Tab on your keyboard.

To quickly move down inside the column (from the top of the page to the bottom), click Enter on your keyboard.


Save the Changes Made

Click Save to accept the changes

Or click Cancel to undo the changes.


After saving your changes, you will see “Successfully updated records.”



Using the Export Function

The Export function gives you the option to download a .csv file on specific Vendor data.

This is a great tool if you want to pull reporting on specific Vendor information.


1. On the Edit All page, click the Export button on the top right

2.  This will download a .csv file with the information displayed on the TOPS [ONE] screen


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