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Downloading Bank Statements

Once you have established a proper connection between Smart Banking and the bank (the Real Time credentials from your bank), the Bank Account Statement feature can be enabled.

This feature allows you to download a PDF bank statement for a bank account for a select month and still remain in the TOPS [ONE] interface without logging into the bank portal This PDF file will be found in the bank accounts' attachment gallery for easy access.  


How do I download a bank statement file from TOPS [ONE]? 

You can find downloaded files in your bank account's attachment gallery 

1. Click Portfolio then Banks. Select the Smart Bank bank to work with. 

2. Scroll to Accounts, select the Bank account to generate a statement for. 


3. Verify the Bank Account page 



4.  Click Actions then Get Bank Statement


5. Select the Statement date, then click Get Bank Statement File 

We recommend entering the first day of the following month you're trying to download the statement for. 


To download the November 2018 Statement, enter the statement date as December 1st, 2018. 

To download a December 2017 statement, enter the statement date as January 1st, 2018


The statements will download with the Bank account name and the date of the statement in the Attachment Gallery. 

Click the file name to download. 


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