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The articles above will give you instructions on the multiple ways to start using the send message portal.



The Send Message feature is one of the ways to communicate with homeowners in TOPS [ONE]. This feature lets you send messages to homeowners while generating letters, creating mailing labels, and sending a summary of the message to an external email!

This article gives a more detailed explanation of the components in the send message feature once an owner has been selected. 


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This feature will be broken up into multiple sections for easy following:

Recipients and Sender Information

Adding additional recipients (owners, vendors, and external email addresses)

Send a Summary of the message to an external email

Choose the From and Reply-To email for a batch

Message Contents  

Preview and generate letter templates

Enter Subject and Message Body

Adding Attachments

Delivery Method/Processing

Selecting the delivery method

How to remove the message

Saving the message batch for future editing




Recipients & Sender Information


Owners, or the number of owners, who were originally selected for the batch will appear in the To section.

To add additional owners, click the + and enter the owners to add in this batch. Enter the name or property information to search for an owner, then click Done.



The Summary will send a recap of the message being sent to the homeowners to the email entered. 

To add an external email, click the + sign, and enter the email. Click Add this Address to add the external address. Click Done. 


Example of a Summary Email 

From and Reply To

Select who this message is coming from, and where replies are directed to.

To set the Reply-To email for an Organization or Community, navigate to their respective profiles and add the desired email address as a Reply To. Selecting User will simply use the email address associated with the user sending this message.

Message Contents  

Template (required)

Select a template from your Letters section in the Template Libary. 

For instructions on uploading a new letter template, click here


Preview Template (optional)

Clicking the Preview Template button will generate a PDF using the template selected and the first recipient in the list.

This is a temporary file that will not post, send, or otherwise attach itself to anything. It is for preview purposes only.


Subject (Required)

The messages Subject will be displayed on the transaction in the activity feed.

Message (Only available for Smart and Email)

The Message section will only be available when sending a message using the Email or Smart delivery option. This text entered in this section will be sent to the homeowners. 



Attachments can be added by clicking the button with the paperclip icon

When sending attachments, they can either be sent as individual files or in a Zip folder.

For more information on Zip files, click this external Link- Zip and unzip files


Delivery Method/Processing 


Delivery Methods

The delivery method of the recipient is indicated with an Envelope icon for email, and no icon for print. Additionally, hovering over a recipient will reveal Print or the recipient's email address:


Print will override the owner's delivery method so that no emails are sent

A template is required

There is no Message Body for a print batch

Summaries are still emailed 


Owners that do not have an email will need to be removed from the batch before the message can be sent

Email will override the owner's delivery method even if it has been set to Print

Letter Template must be set to Email 


All message batches default to Smart. Smart will choose the delivery method preference now set on the owner's profile

A template is required for smart batches

Templates marked as 'Certified Mail' will not generate emails even if the delivery method preference is set to email

Recipients with a delivery method of Print will not receive attachments


Remove Message 

This option will prompt you to either save the message as a draft or to discard the message.


Process Message 


Cancel prompt you to either save the message as a draft or to discard the message.

Save will save this message. Can be edited at a later time. The message will not be sent. The saved message will be available on the Community Activity Feed.

Send Message will generate the letters for the homeowners and send any emails in the batch.


Message Review Page

The Message Review page will show the following data:

Total number of recipients, broken out by Print and Email respectively

From, Reply To, Subject, and Message Body (when applicable)

List of individual recipients with their name, address, delivery method and a link to any form letters generated

List of summary recipients


While any form letters are being processed, the word Processing will appear in the upper-right corner. Clicking the refresh button will refresh the individual recipient's document status. Once all documents have been generated, a Print All button will appear. This button will generate a single PDF of those document sent via Print:


Saved and Posted Message Batches can be viewed in the community activity feed with an incomplete and complete status, respectively:


Emails and Summaries

All form letters and attachments can be accessed via the Download Letter button in the emails.  Summaries receive a copy of all attachments and a copy of each document generated for the batch




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