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To see a more detailed explanation of the Send Message module and the parameters, check out the Send Message Overview

Sending a Message to Select/All Homeowners



The Send Message feature is one of the ways to communicate with homeowners in TOPS [ONE]. This feature lets you send messages to homeowners while generating letters, creating mailing labels, and sending a summary of the message to an external email! 

This article will go over how to send a message to a single owner within a community. 



Step By Step

1. Click Portfolio then Community. Select the community to work in. 

2. Click Portfolio then Owners. Select the owner you want to message. 

3. On the owners' page, click Action then Send Message. 


The Send Message window will open with the owner you selected in the TO box. 

4. Verify the recipients in the To section

4a.(Optional) To print mailing labels for the homeowners in the batch, enable the Creating Mailing Labels toggle


4b. (Optional) The Summary will send a recap of the message being sent to the homeowners to the email entered. 

To add an external email, click the + sign, and enter the email. Click Add this Address to add the external address. Click Done. 

5. Select the From & Reply To where replies are directed to. 

6. (Required) Click the drop-down menu and select a Letter Template to send to the homeowners. 

To view a preview, click the  button

7. Enter the Subject & Message 

If the delivery method, Print, is selected, the message option will not be present. 

To add an attachment click the paperclip next to the delivery method. 

8. Select the Delivery Method

Print will produce a PDF file for each owner in the batch. No emails, except the summary if selected, will be sent. 

Email will send the template and message to the owners in the batch. The owner must have an email on their profile to be in the batch. 

Smart (default) will choose the delivery method preference now set on the owner's profile. 

9. Take the next action 

Cancel Will prompt you to save a draft message, or discard the message.

Save Saves the current state/content of the message. The user will be able to leave the page and return to continue making changes from the last save point. The saved message will be available on the Community Activity Feed.

Generate & Review Will generate the letter templates for the homeowners. Letters can be previewed for each owner before the messages are sent. 

10. The page will show a summary of the owners and the template being sent. To make changes to the Reply to, Subject or message, click Edit 


11. To Print the templates generated, click Print. 

12. To send and complete the message, click Send All 

13. Once, Send All is selected, verify your selection

14. Once sent, the Delivery status will show the date the emails were sent. 
To resend the emails, click the button. 

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