Activity - Void Checks in Accounts Payable

TOPS [ONE] Version



Checks that have been posted can be voided within TOPS [One] with a very simple process.  The following steps will demonstrate how to void a check or a batch of checks.


Step By Step

1. Click Accounts Payable then Activity 


2. Click Actions then Void Checks


3. Click the + Icon to select the check to void. Once a check is selected, it will turn to a check mark.


4. Click Actions then Void Checks 

The number of checks selected for void will be next to Action 


5. Enter the Void Post Date 

The post date defaults to the current date. 


6. (optional) EnterCancellation Description 

7. Once Verified, click Save 

8. Once saved, the Invoice will be available in the Open Items tab. 

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