Send Mass (or bulk) Owner Access invitations


The Owner Portal is where homeowner can check their balances, account history, work orders and CC&R's. Before the owners can log in and see their information. This article will go over how to send an entire community registration emails. 



Before you Start

- In order for registration invitations to be sent, the owner's must have a primary email address on their owner profile. To quickly add multiple owner's email, use the Mass Edit feature.

- Each individual property requires a separate email address. 


Step By Step

1. Click Portfolio then Communities, select the Community to work in

2. Under Owner Access, click Manage



3. Click the Unregistered tab

4. Click the icon.

5. Under Email Addresses select, Owners with Emails.

This step is crucial to verify you do not get any errors when attempting to generate these letters. 

6.  Click Apply. 

Click the  icon to collapse the filter parameters. 


7. To send registration emails to all unregistered owners with an email, click Select All. 


To deselect, or select, individual owners, click the checkmark left to their name to include in this batch. 

To send a registration email to an individual owner, click .


8. Once the owners are selected, click Actions then Send Owner Access Invite 

The number of owners selected in this batch will appear next to the word Action


You will be redirected to the Send Message page.

9. Verify the following information on this page. 

To: The owners who are recieiving this registration letter

Subject & Message This is prefilled, but can be edited.

Summary (optional) The Summary will send a recap of the message being sent to the homeowners to the email entered. 

From Set the Reply To email. Defaults to the community reply to email. 

 To add any attachments, like a Welcome package, click the paperclip icon to upload. 


10.  Select the next step 

 Deletes and discards this message

 Saves this message as a draft, does not send the message. Can be sent at a later time when the message is complete. The saved message will be available on the Community Activity Feed.

 To generate and review this message, click Generate & Review


11. Verify the recipients and the message being sent. Click the  on the top corner. 

12. Click 


Once the message has been sent, their registration email can be resent if needed. 


Once the Owner Registration email has been sent, the owners will continue the registration process. 

On their Owner Portal link, they can find the Owner Access Instruction Guide for more information 

Owner Access Instruction Guide

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