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If you use a bank lockbox system for processing cash receipts, then you probably need to
provide owners with payment coupons the bank can read. Coupons are sent to homeowners to easily allow them to send their payments to the banks, and those payments will be deposited into the community default bank account. 

TOPS [ONE] generate a file that can be sent to 3rd party companies to mail out the coupons directly to the homeowner, saving time in the office. The coupon files have been optimized for Optimal Outsource, and SouthData. 

For more information, on our partners, click below:

Optimal Outsource

SouthData, Inc (Also known as OSG)

This guide will give you step by step instructions on how to export a coupon file.



Step By Step

 1. Click Portfolio then Communities. Select the community you want to work on.

2. Click Accounts Receivable then Invoices & Statements.


3. Click Actions and select Export Coupons.

4. Select the Coupon Parameters

Partners Use the drop-down to select a partner.

Number of Payments Number of Payments to be Made. (Number of months to print coupons for) 


Message (optional) Enter a message from you to your owners for them to see printed on the coupons

Note: Limit of 180 characters, max 4 lines.

5. Select the Fiscal Year and Codes to include in this batch. 


8. Select the Owners 


Click the icon to filter owners by name, lot, or account number 

Change the Sort Order by clicking the drop-down menu and selecting a different option 

Select or deselect all owners, by clicking one of these options 

9. Click Export Coupons 

A file will be downloaded onto your device in the format selected.


Once this file is generated, work with the partner to mail out the coupons to the homeowners. 

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