Google Chrome Helpful Tips


Google Chrome is the recommended browser for TOPS [ONE]. Here are some of our favorite tips that can help with your TOPS experience and may solve your issues before opening a support ticket. 


Clear Cache & Hard Reload 

What is cache? 

Cache is items that Google Chrome saves, in order to help load webpages faster. When you visit a website, Chrome will save logos, and several other items so it doesn't have to reload them every time you visit the page. 


When should I do this? 

There are times that there is too much cache saved, and it "confuses" the browser. Which can cause issues like, the page not loading completely or correctly or pictures can end up in wrong spots.

If you notice issues like this, the cache most likely needs to be cleared. 

Are you having trouble logging into TOPS? Clear your cache & perform a hard reload.

Is Google Chrome lagging a bit?  Clear your cache & perform a hard reload.

Did TOPS just publish a big update?  Clear your cache & perform a hard reload.


What happens after I do it? 

After clearing your cache, you may notice some sites take a little longer to load. This is chrome recollecting data from the website to store for later (the cache).


How do I do this? 

1. On your keyboard click F12

2. Right Click on the refresh icon 

3. Click Empty Cache and Hard Reload



Print when there is no Print Button/Save a page as a PDF

Easily print whatever webpage currently open by using the methods: 

A. Click File > Print.

B. Use a keyboard shortcut:

  • Windows & Linux: Ctrl + P
  • Mac: ⌘ + P


To save the page as a PDF, change the destination to Save as PDF.



Disable Pop Up Blockers

Why do I need to disable my pop up blocker?

There are some pages in TOPS [ONE] that will open files within the web browser. If you notice that reports or attachments are not opening, the pop-up blocker might be enabled.

Click here to learn more about pop up blockers, and setting exceptions to certain websites.


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