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This article will give you some information on how to validate and instructions on how to troubleshoot owner's who are having issues with their Owner Portal login.

This article is meant for owners who are active. You can find that status on their owner page.


If a homeowner is marked as Invited, they have not completed registering. Check out this article on how to manually register for a homeowner.

Manually Register a Homeowner's Owner Portal Access


If a homeowner is marked as Unregisteredthis article will show you how to invite them to their Owner Portal.

Send an Owner Portal Registration Email


The Owner Access Intro document contains information that can help an owner become more familiar with the Owner Portal, including some troubleshooting steps they can do.

This document can also be found on the Owner Portal login page. 

Owner Access Introduction- Instructions for Homeowners & Residents



Verify the following


1) Verify the Username Email and that the owners are active. 

2) Verify the owner portal link they are logging into

Most issues come from owners trying to log into or reregister after they already have registered.

Make sure they log into their owner portal link.

(Admin > Owner Access Setup > URL > that link will take you to your owner portal link) 


3) Make sure the owners are using Google Chrome! 

Google Chrome is the optimum web browser for TOPS. Other browsers, like Safari, Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer, have been known to cause issues for most homeowners.

Download & install Google Chrome


4) Have the owner click the "Forgot Password?" link.



The owner's email is incorrect, how can I update it? 

The owner's owner access email can be updated in the Edit Owner screen. Click here to learn more.

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