Troubleshooting a Lockbox File Error "Line _ Invalid Line (must be ____ characters in length)"

When uploading a lockbox file, I am getting the following error

"Line X Invalid line (must be 51 characters in length)"



Possible Cause of Issue

This error can be caused by having a blank line at the end of a lockbox file. 

Depending on the file format, the file requires a certain amount of characters per line to identify owner, community, and payment information. 

The additional blank line is being read as an incomplete lockbox transaction. 




To resolve this issue, the blank line must be removed from the file. 

Renaming the file is a required step in order for the file to be uploaded again.

Adding a single alphanumeric character to the file name will be enough to rename the file. 



How to Remove a Blank Line from a Lockbox File 

1. Open the file in Notepad

2. Locate and delete the blank line at the end of the lockbox file.  

3. Click File then Save As 

4. Update the file name. (Adding a single alphanumeric character to the existing file name should suffice.)

5. Then click Save. 

6. Upload the newly saved file lockbox file. 

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