TOPS Pay - Registration and Setup


TOPS Pay is the embedded payment service built into TOPS [ONE]. Engineered from the ground up to be safe and secure, TOPS [ONE] + TOPS Pay will make it easier than ever for your residents to opt-in for direct debit in the Owner Access portal!

  • Completely free recurring ACH Direct Debit for your residents, communities and management company.
  • Ability for residents to make One-Time Payments using credit cards or a bank account.
  • Empowers your staff to manage resident enrollment through the TOPS [ONE] application.
  • Follows NACHA best practices to protect your organization from liability.

This article will go over the steps necessary to register and set up communities and owners to use the TOPS Pay (or Auto Pay, as owners will see it) feature. 


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In this Article 

I. Before You Start

II. Registering for TOPS Pay

III. TOPS Pay Community Setup

IV. Enabling Owners for TOPS Pay

V. **Disabling TOPS Pay Best Practice**



Before you Start 

1. Set your ReplyTo: Email on the Organization page

When registering for TOPS Pay, we will need to know who to reach out to for additional information.

Admin > Actions > Edit Client > Email +ADD > Reply TO


2. Add the Federal Tax Number on the Organization page.


3. Enable the Allow TOPS Pay toggle on the Assessment and/or Special Assessment codes to use for TOPS Pay.

Codes must be selected in order to enable TOPS Pay.

Community Page > Related Links > Codes > Edit Code 



Registering for TOPS Pay

1. Click Admin then Direct Debit Learn More 


2. A prompt will appear asking for your Federal Tax ID 

Format(Include the dash) : XX-XXXXXXX 


3. Click I'm Interested in TOPS Pay. 


Once you enter your Tax ID, your TOPS Pay KPI will say Pending 


It's Pending. Now what? 

1. Wait for an Email notification for a Support ticket regarding this request 

After you submit your request to join TOPS Pay, a TOPS representative will review the information provided and you will get an email notifying you of a newly opened support ticket.


2. Send back required documents 

After the ticket has been created, you will receive our Service Agreement and a W9 form. These documents should be filled out and sent back.

Once the documents have been sent, it can take 5-7 business days to process. If any additional information is needed to process your request, a TOPS representative will reach out within this time period.


3. Congrats!!! You're Approved! 

Once all the forms are submitted, we do our magic on our side, and you're approved!

You'll receive a welcome message in your support ticket notifying you TOPS Pay has successfully been activated.



Enabling communities for TOPS Pay

Congrats!! You were approved for TOPS Pay! This will go over how to enable and set up TOPS Pay for your communities.


1. Verify your TOPS Pay has successfully been activated. If activated, the KPI will look like the example below:


2. Click the TOPS Pay KPI to open the TOPS Pay Settings page.

You will see the Community list, the charge code frequency, if there are charge codes enabled for TOPS Pay, and whether the Community itself is enabled for TOPS Pay.

TOPS Pay is currently available for recurring charge codes, like Assessment and Special Assessment Charges. 


If no codes are set for Direct Debit, click the Set Them Now link to be redirected to your Codes page. 

Assessment and Special Assessments codes will need to have the Allow TOPS Pay toggle enabled for this feature.


When charges are applied, TOPS Pay homeowners has a set default of 3 days to make changes to their TOPS Pay settings before funds are deducted from their accounts. 

3. (Optional) To edit the days in that time frame, edit it above the community list.  

If the days before processing payments are increased, there may be a delay in when funds are sent to the community bank account. 



4. Verify your community is enabled by looking for the check mark above TOPS Pay Enabled.


Your communities Bank Account will also show that it is enabled for TOPS Pay.


Enabling Owners for TOPS Pay 

Note: Any owner enrolled in Autopay is REQUIRED to have an email address. Therefore even if a TOPS [ONE] user is enrolling an owner on their behalf, they must provide an email address. Only Primary homeowners can register for TOPS Pay.


1. Have the owners sign up on their own. 

If an owner has completed their Owner Access registration, they can sign up from their Owner Portal.

Attached are instructions on how owners can set up AutoPay. 

Owner Access Setup TOPS Pay AutoPay.pdf

This information can be added to your newsletter to send to your homeowners.


 2. Manually edit each owner on their behalf

i. Go to the Owner's page, click Actions then Edit Primary Owner 

ii. Go to Payment Methods 

iii. Add a payment method, click +Add


iv. Select Bank Account or Credit Card. Fill in the required information 


Note: All fields are required.


v. To enroll the owner in AutoPay, select the Enroll this payment method in AutoPay checkbox. 


vi. Select the Codes to enable for AutoPay

Owners can update the charge codes selected from their owner portal. If this toggle is turned on, and charges are applied to that code, funds will be deducted from the owners account in 3 business days. 


vii. Verify the Owner has read and agreed to the AutoPay terms and conditions. 


viii. Click Add

ix. Verify the TOPS Pay toggle is enabled then, on the top right of the page, click Save 




3. Import them from a TOPS Legacy Product. 

TOPS Success team may be able to help import existing registered ACH Homeowners from external systems, like TOPS Pro or TOPS iQ. Ask a support representative for more information

If the owner direct debit information was imported, the owner charges must be selected (either on the owner portal or manually on the property page) before monies are deducted from their account. 



How do I know if an owner Opted-in?

The Owner & Property page will have green TOPS Pay or TOPS Pay Enabled flags.


Owner Page


Property Page

If the owner and charge codes are both enabled, there will be two flags. 

Both flags must be present in order for charges to post. 


 The Direct Debit flag will be enabled.

This flag can still be turned on manually for owners not enrolled.

If the owner is enrolled in AutoPay, this flag cannot be disabled. 


Disabling TOPS Pay Best Practice 

To disable TOPS Pay, disable the Allow TOPS Pay toggle on the Code. It is not recommended to turn off TOPS Pay via the community list shown below.




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