Contacting TOPS [ONE] Support


The Support Widget is available to assist users throughout the TOPS environment. Easily search for help or troubleshooting articles using keywords. If further assistance is still required, the user will have the ability to submit their question and receive personalized assistance from an award-winning team of support professionals.


In This Article

I. Locating the Support Widget

II. Searching for Support Articles

a. Note from the Author

III. Submitting a Support Ticket 

a. Available Ticket Types


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Locating the Support Widget  

At the bottom left of the page click the button that says "Support." (If the user is on a mobile device, it may simply appear as a question mark.)


Searching for Support Articles

1. Click Support to expand the support widget. 

2. Enter keywords on the topic to search for.

3. Click the magnifying glass, or click enter to search for results.

4. Results for the search will appear under the Top Results. 

5. Once selected, the article will open in the Support Widget in an easy to read format.
To view the article in a full page view, click the  icon. This will open the article in a separate tag to keep the user in their original page

Note from the Author 

Less is more. When searching for a support article, there is no need to enter full sentences. Using short keywords will usually find the article being searched.

Have a question about applying late fees to homeowners? Search "Late Fee's"

Need some answers on how to use a specific report? Search the report name.



Submitting a Support Ticket 

If further assistance is still needed, click the Contact us button. Once a ticket form is selected, the user will be prompted to fill out information regarding their organization and ticket request.
Once the ticket has been submitted, the request will be submitted to the TOPS support team.

There is no limit to the amount of support tickets you and your team can open. We are here to help with any questions you may have. 


Available Ticket Types 


Support Contact Form- Use this form if you have a general question about the application or its functionality.

Example: How do I do __? Can you do ___ in TOPS [ONE]?



Enhancement Request- Do you have a feature or a request for the TOPS program? Let us know by using this ticket type.

Example: We had this feature ____ on TOPS Pro, can we add it to TOPS [ONE]?


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