Uploading a Template


Templates use merge codes to add owner information into a letter or document, making it look like it was individually created. They can be assigned for violations, checks, statements, letters and other forms of communications.

Once a new template has been created, or an existing template has been saved, the next step is to upload the template to the appropriate section. 


Step By Step 

1. Click Admin

2. Scroll down to Related Links, click Template Library

3. Click Action then Add Template 

4. Fill in the information requested 

If you're editing a template that's already uploaded, keep the same file name so it can replace the existing template. 

Template Type 

CCR Letter- Available in the CCR action table when selecting letters for violation steps 

Check- Available when printing AP checks for vendors.

Letter- Available when using the Send Message feature, and when setting letters for the collection module. 

Statement- Available when printing in-house statements using the AR Invoices & Statements feature. 

Template Delivery Type

Selecting Email only respect the owners' communication Preference 

Selecting any other combination will only generate those documents as a pdf. 

Owner Delivery Preference setting - Print or Email

5. Click Select File then choose the template

6. Click Upload File 

7. Once the file is uploaded, it will show up on your Template Library 


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