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The Owner Profile is where the following information can be set/edited:

  • Owner Portal Email & Status
  • Owner Delivery Preference
  • Payment Methods & Option to enable TOPS Pay for that payment 
  • Settlement & Move Out Date
  • Owner Email - Used for Send Message and other forms of communication in the program. 
  • Alternate Addresses 

This guide will go over how to edit and save information on an owner's profile. 


Step By Step 

1. Click Portfolio then Communities. Select the community you want to work in. 

2. Click Owners on the right side of the page. Select the owner to edit. 


3. Once the owner page opens, click Actions then Edit Primary Owner 


4. Verify the Property address before making edits. 


5. Edit the info as needed 



1. Name The name of the owners as it will appear in reports and communication. 

If the property is currently owned by an entity or a trust, it's best practice to separate the names in the first and last name field 



2. Phone & Email 


Home & Mobile numbers are available by default, to add another phone number, click +Add then a different option mceclip6.png



A Primary Email is required in order for a homeowner to receive communication online, in order to use the owner portal, and to use the Auto Pay feature in the System. 

Additional email addresses can also be added if copies of the communication need to be sent to a different recipient. 

Additional emails & websites can also be logged. 



3. Address The Primary Mailing address the address that will be used for mailing labels, and other forms of communication. 

To add an Alternate address +Add 



4. Info The Settlement Date & Move Out Date will be displayed on the owner profile. 

Enter the dates in a MM/DD/YYYY format, or click the calendar icon and select a date. 

5. Delivery Preference  Automatically defaults to Print. If a homeowner prefers to receive communication via email, they must have a primary email listed.  

6. Owner Access 

Active Owner Portal Status - Can edit the portal username & disable/enable their owner access if needed. 

Invited Owner Portal Status - Manually register for the owner portal 

Unregistered Owner Portal Status - Send Owner Portal Registration email 

7. Payment Methods Payment Methods will be required if a homeowner wants to pay their dues online. Owners can add their own forms of payment on the owner portal, or they can be manually added here (in case a homeowner comes into the office to add their payments) 


6. To discard any changes made, click Cancel
To accept the changes, click Save.


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