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Roles can be used to identify users and limit access to what they can and cannot do. By default, all users are sent to the Administrator role, where they have full access to TOPS [ONE]. (The admin role cannot be edited)

This article will go over:

Creating New Roles

Editing Roles and Permissions

Edit Role Name

Delete Role & Reassign Users

Edit Permissions 


Sample Roles




Step By Step 


Create New Roles

1.Click Admin 


2. Go to Roles then click Manage 


3. Enter a new role name, then click Add Role 


Once successfully added, you'll see a green bar at the bottom 



Editing Roles & Permissions

1. Click Manage 


2. Click mceclip1.png next to the role you want to edit.



Edit Role Name 

To update the Role name, edit the text, then click mceclip12.png to save the changes. 



Delete Role & Reassign Users

Roles can be deleted if there are no users assigned to it. If there are users, the users will need to be reassigned to another role before it can be deleted.

Click the mceclip15.png icon to delete a role.



Reassign Users from a Delete Role 

If attempting to delete a role with users, they must be reassigned before it can be deleted.

1. Select the Role to reassign 

2. Select the new role to assign the user to. 

3. Click Save



Edit Permissions

1. Select the Module Name to Make Edits to.



To the right of the section, you'll see a row of boxes, these are the permissions.

2. Set the permissions as needed.


If the box is highlighted Blue, that permission is Enabled.

If the box is White, that permission is Disabled

The All option will select/deselect all the permissions on a specific line


The mceclip6.pngicon will give you info on what permissions are needed for a specific action.




3. Once verified, click  mceclip8.png next to the role name to save .

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