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TOPS Pay is a built in service in TOPS [ONE] to allow homeowners to pay their dues without having to manually send a check. Owners have the ability to either make recurring payments or one time payments using a credit card or bank account. If a homeowner is unable to make a payment on the owner portal, users have the ability to submit a one time payment from TOPS [ONE]. One time payments can be used to pay the entire or part of a balance of all dues and fines. 

A convenience fee will be charged when a homeowner chooses to use this feature. The exact dollar fee
amount will be displayed before completing the payment.


This article will go over how users can make one time payments in TOPS [ONE].  


Attached are the instructions for homeowners  on how to use the payment features in the owner portal. 

Owner Access - Making Payments using the Owner Portal .pdf


Before you Begin

In order to use this feature, TOPS Pay will need to be enabled in your community.

For more information on how to register and setup TOPS Pay, click here.

TOPS Pay Registration and Setup


 Step By Step 

1. Click Portfolio then Owners. Select the owner to make a payment for. 


2.  Click the Balance KPI, then click Pay Now



4. Select the form of payment the owner will like to use. 

5. Enter the amount to pay using this feature.  

Defaults to the total amount due. 

6. Click Make Payment. A pop up with the total amount the owner will be charged will come up. 


7. Click Yes, Make Payment when finished.


If successful, a banner will appear 



The payment will be available as an AR Transaction in the activity feed and owner payment history for future reference. 

Activity Feed


Owner Payment History Ledger



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