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The Lockbox Toolkit allows users to review, edit, and print reports on lockbox files that have been imported into TOPS [ONE] before posting to the homeowner's accounts. 

This feature must be enabled before it can be available for use. 


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Invalid Transactions

Edit Lockbox File

Delete Payment from Batch

Selecting Batches

Create Unposted Batch

Post/Deposit Lockbox

View Imported Lockbox History

Lockbox Preview Report



Import Lockbox File

1. Click Portfolio then Community. Select the community to work in. 

2. Click Accounts Receivable then Cash Receipts


3. Click the Cash Receipts - Lockbox KPI or Click Actions then Lockbox Review.



5. Select the File Format, then click Select Files to upload the lockbox file. 


Once successfully uploaded, you will be redirected to the Lockbox Import Review page.


Lockbox Import Review Page

Once a lockbox file has been imported, this will be the page where a summary will be available, and where the user can make edits to payments before posting. 

Invalid transactions, or transactions that couldn't be matched to a homeowner, will also be marked for easy fixing. 



Will give an overview of the imported lockbox file.


Communities - Number of Communities in the batch.

Batches - A batch will be created for every day payments were received by the bank. Invalid transactions will also create a new batch. 

Transactions - Number of total payments in the import file. 

Valid - Number of transactions that have successfully been matched with a homeowner. 

Invalid - Number of transactions that were not matched with a homeowner. 


Open Batches


Batches with the mceclip2.png symbol will need to be corrected before they can be uploaded. 


mceclip2.png Invalid Transactions 

Issue Cause Fix

Community Not Found


Lockbox ID listed in the file is not in TOPS [ONE]. Manually enter the community name, and the owner(name, property address, or account number). 

Owner Not Found


Account number listed in the file was not found. 

Manually search the owner (name, property address, or account number)



Edit Lockbox File 

1. Select the batch to edit, then update the fields as necessary. 

To update the owner listed for the payment, click the next to the owner name, then search the correct owner. 

2. Once all the changes are made to the batch, click Save.


To select/update the codes the payments will be applied to, click Create Unposted. This will redirect you to the Process Deposits Page.




Delete Payment from Batch

1. Select the batch to edit.

2. Click the mceclip16.pngnext to the payment to delete. 


3. Click Yes, Remove to verify the selection. 


After the selection is made, the deleted transaction can be brought back by clicking Undo before saving the batch. 

4. Click Save to update the batch.



Select Batches

Batches with a mceclip20.png will not be processed or included in the Lockbox Preview Report

Batches with a mceclip21.png will be processed. 



Create Unposted Batch

Creating an Unposted batch will save the lockbox batches in the Process Deposits page for easy posting at a later time. 





Click Post/Deposit to post the valid transactions to the respective homeowners. 


Once posted, the Review Posted Cash Receipts page will open. 



View Imported Lockbox History 

Click View History to view a log of all imported files, their name, and a brief summary about the transactions within that file. 






Lockbox Preview Report

To view a lockbox report, before posting the lockbox file, click Print. 



Example of Report 




When printing the report for multiple communities, the reports may trigger the pop up blocker in Google Chrome.  If the  Pop-up blocked icon pops up next to the address bar, you will need to disable pop up blocker 


  1. In the address bar, click Pop-up blocked Pop-up blocked.
  2. Click the link for the pop-up you want to see.
  3. To always see pop-ups for the site, select Always allow pop-ups and redirects from [site] 
  4.  Done.



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