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A unique lockbox ID is needed for each bank account used for lockbox processing.   The Lockbox ID is added on the setup screen for each bank account.  This 1-10-character, an alphanumeric identifier is provided by your bank. 

The lockbox ID will be used when processing lockbox files, and on export coupons & statements.


This article will go over how to find and edit the Lockbox ID in a bank account. 


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View Lockbox ID 

Edit Lockbox ID 



View a Bank Account Lockbox ID

1. Locate the Bank Account to Edit. 

1a. To see the bank accounts assigned to a community, go to the Community Profile Page

i. Click Portfolio then Community, select the community to go to. Under Bank Accounts, click the name under Account.



1b. To see the bank accounts assigned to a bank, go to the Bank Profile Page

ii. Click Portfolio then Bank, select the community to go to. Under Bank Accounts, click the name under Account.


This will open the Bank Account Profile Page. 



Edit Lockbox ID 

1. Once on the bank account page, click Actions then Edit Account 


2. Update the Lockbox ID


3. Once all the changes have been made, click Save. 



If successful, the following message will appear at the bottom of the screen.


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