Saving Reports to the Attachment Gallery


The Save as Attachment button will save a copy of the report to the attachment gallery of your community, amenity, committee, vendor, vendor insurance, bank, bank account, property, property contact, or user page. 


Step By Step 


1. Click the Save as Attachment button. 




Update the Info as Needed

2. Display Name Edit the Display name of the Attachment

3. Assignment Attachments can be Assigned, or designated to one location.

This can be a specific owner, property, vendor, or community.

Click the X to change the assignment.

4. Tags User-defined category that can be assigned to an attachment for the purpose of filtering and organizing the files.

Example: Assign a tag to forms so you can easily find them or tag governing documents. You can use these tags to filter and organize your attachments.

Publish If enabled, the files will be available in the corresponding locations

5. Owner Access Files will be available on the Owner Portal in the Document Library

6. Attachment Gallery Files will be available in the Attachment Gallery Quick View. If a file does not have this toggle enabled, you will need to click View All in order to see the attachment.

7. Click Attach 

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