TOPS [ONE] Release Notes (Version


The TOPS [ONE] development team is adding multiple new additions and updates to the platform today.

The following new releases will be live in TOPS [ONE] today. As a web-based product, there is no action for TOPS [ONE] users to take. Your TOPS [ONE] platform will automatically be updated in the cloud!


New Features 




Smart Banking

  • Lockbox Log 
    • The Lockbox Log will show the status of all lockbox deposits (most recent at the top) received from the bank. If the deposit was successful, a link to the AR Cash Receipt transaction will be available.



  • Credit/Debit Card Transactions
    • Ability to add credit and debit cards as a saved payment for Auto Pay or One TIme Payments. 
  • One Time Payments
    • Owners and Users can make one-time payments to pay of a lump sum of the owner's balance using a card or bank account. 



Be sure to check out the latest updates made to our Support Center!

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