TOPS [ONE] Release Notes (Version

Release Date July 16th, 2018


The TOPS [ONE] development team is adding multiple new additions and updates to the platform today.

The following new releases will be live in TOPS [ONE] today. As a web-based product, there is no action for TOPS [ONE] users to take. Your TOPS [ONE] platform will automatically be updated in the cloud.

Here's what's new:



  • New Feature: Save Filtered Views
    • All list/index pages have a new option to save the filter, view, and sort settings. These profiles can be assigned for public (all users) use or private (single user only). Switching between profiles will load the new results based on how that profile was last saved:

  • Account Display Names
    • Updates all areas of the app to utilize the account display name
  • Resolved Issues
    • Comments attached to transactions now have a link to view/edit the comment on its own page
    • Expanded the fields when editing parameters for an automation job



  • Notifications
    • Users will now receive notifications (the bell icon in the upper-right corner) when work orders or tasks are assigned to them



  • New Feature: Smart Banking - Send validation files, import lockbox files, and perform automatic bank reconciliation with the approved partner banks. Please contact our partner support team for assistance on activation and setup

  • Validation File Export - The validation file export has been relocated to the actions menu on the bank profile page (previously under the Accounts Receivable section of the main menu):

    • All bank accounts with a lockbox ID will be available. It is no longer limited to the primary bank account for a community
  • Resolved Issues
    • Fixed several discrepancies between the reconciliation screen, chart of accounts, and related reports
    • Bank Reconciliation will now only display transactions associated with the appropriate cost center when applicable



New Feature: Edit All

  • From the actions menu on the properties page is the new 'Edit All' option"
    • All properties and their associated owners will display with the default selected columns. Users can remove/add columns from the available list
    • Selected columns will be available to filter the selected value
    • Entering edit mode will allow users to edit the available fields for owners
    • Results can be exported into an excel document

Owner Index

  • Owner Index - Added the following features to assist with search, sort, filter and selecting of owners. Read more here for details on filtering:
    • Filter by Sections
    • Group by Sections
    • Filter by whether the owners have an email address or not
    • Filter by Delivery Preference
    • Set the displayed address to 'Mailing Address' (default) or 'Property Address'
    • When clicking 'Select All', an option to select all owners that match the filter criteria will appear:

  • Send Message - Enhancements
    • Multiple attachments can now be sent as individual links or as a single zip file:

    • Added an 'Email Signature field for user which will appear in the message body of emails created by that user. The signature can be edited during the message creation step:

    • After clicking 'Generate & Review', emails will no longer automatically send without a chance to review the batch and any letters processed. When ready, users may send all emails:

    • Emails can now be resent as a batch or individually. Most recent delivery date will display next to each email:

    • If an owner has additional emails, they can be flagged for copy. Each email flagged will receive a copy of the email (with any attachments) that the primary email received:

  • Mailing Labels - Added a mailing labels option to the actions menu on the Owner Index. Labels will generate based on selected owners. Read here for more information:

    • New interface to set the starting row and column for initial label page:

  • General
    • Added Lease Start/End dates for renters



  • Closed Period Protection
    • New permissions have been added for the AR, AP, and GL to prevent users from posting transactions to closed periods:

Accounts Receivable

  • New Feature: TOPS Pay - TOPS Pay is the embedded payment service built into TOPS ONE. Engineered from the ground up to be safe and secure, TOPS ONE + TOPS Pay now makes it easier than ever for your residents to pay electronically. Read more here to see what TOPS Pay can offer and how to utilize it:

  • Collections - Refactor
    • The collection code has a new section for 'Hold Categories'. Owners placed into hold categories will no longer be processed automatically when a collections batch is run. They can be manually moved through the proceeding steps when necessary
    • Collections can be run based on specific charge codes and collection action levels
    • A preview/posting report is available during the accrue and post steps respectively
    • Print all letters for the batch, or just the letters for a specific action level
    • Generate letters for all addresses associated with the delinquent owner

  • Resolved Issues
    • Fixed issue with editing default GL account for adjustments
    • Updated logic for Special Assessment merge codes to be more in line with user expectations
    • Check batches will list the checks in the order they were entered (to be consistent with the posting report)

Accounts Payable

  • Print Checks
    • Checks associated with separate bank accounts will now belong to their own separate batches and post to the appropriate GL account associated with that bank account

  • Vendors
    • Added the ability to delete vendors who have no activity
    • Added the ability to set vendors to 'Inactive'. Inactive vendors will not appear in lists by default and cannot have new bills assigned to them. Read here for more information on deleting and deactivating vendors
    • Added a label on several pages to indicate when a vendor's insurance policy has expired
    • A new browser has been implemented when assigning a vendor to transactions/items. Search by name or add a brand new on 'on the fly':

  • Resolved Issues
    • Bills marked as "Separate Check" will use their own unique check number

General Ledger

  • Account History Updates
    • Change accounts from the breadcrumb bar:

    • Added ability to switch between compact and standard view (compact is default)

    • Transactions are now listed in ascending date order
    • Added 'Description' for Journal Entries
    • The beginning balance is listed at the top of the page as well as the bottom
    • 'Net' balance changed to 'Ending Balance' to incorporate the beginning balance as well as the debits and credits within the given time frame
    • Start/End date will default to the current period for the community
    • Export option added (PDF/Excel) based on supplied date range
    • Removed the 'Show Prior Year Entries' toggle. All Asset, Liability, and Equity accounts will show a beginning balance as of the day prior to the Start Date. Any date range is acceptable. Income and Expense accounts will show a beginning balance as of the day prior to the Start Date within the current fiscal year. Start Date and End Date must land within the same fiscal year
  • Browse/Add GL Accounts - Expanded the GL account search functionality. Accounts can also be added 'on the fly':


  • Reopen CCR
    • Closed CCR records can now be reopened. They will reopen to the to same action level they were last processed on

  • Batch CCR
    • CCR tickets can now be closed and reopened in a batch action

Work Order

  • Assign Amenities
    • Work orders now have the option to assign amenities within the community. Amenities have been updated to allow for GPS coordinates that will appear on work order printouts and activity feed details


Reports - Standard

  • Resolved Issues
    • Trial Balance will now correctly show the reference and check number when applicable
    • "Out of Balance" message will only appear when balance sheet is actually out of balance
    • Work Order report orientation changed back to portrait for the PDF export
    • Reserve Statement exports now match the report UI/preview
    • Several fixes made to how reports handle credit memos
    • Lots number added to the Owner AR Activity report

Reports - Packages

  • Resolved Issues
    • The Check Register report will correctly switch bank accounts when run for different communities


Owner Access

Owner Access Setup

  • Refactored Setup Process
    • Owners must now have an email on file before being registered for owner access
    • Owners can be manually registered with a temporary password (set by the user) which will expire in 24 hours
    • Multiple owners on the same property can all register for owner access
    • Send Message is now utilized when generating the registration email for owners

  • Owner Access User Settings - View community-scoped owner access stats and manage registration status for owners from the new Owner Access User Settings page:
    • View unregistered, invited, active, and deactivated owners
    • Send and/or resend invites
    • Deactivate/Reactivate owners
    • Perform all these functions individually, or in a batch by selecting multiple owners at once:

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