TOPS Pay - Failed Transactions


TOPS Pay is a feature that allows homeowners to pay their dues online using recurring payments or one-time payments. These payments are recorded in the community activity feed as a Cash ReceiptDirect Deposit batch. 

When transactions are unable to process, due to insufficient funds or other issues, they will appear in the TOPS Pay Attention section. 

Users have the option to delete and remove the line item, or a NSF fee can be charged. 

This article will go over how to handle failed TOPS Pay transactions. 


After either option is selected, it is highly recommend to reach out to the owner to notify them of the failed payment.  


Owners with failed payments will have a: 

  • Hold - Direct Deposit transaction in their activity feed. 
    • The hold transaction will be removed once an action is processed on the Attention Page. 
    • mceclip3.png

  • Blank Direct Deposit Line - This direct debit batch includes the owners who's payments processed correctly, and owners with failed payments. Do not delete this batch. Owners with failed payments will remain in the batch, but they will have a blank value for the Code, Amount, and Balance. 
    • This item will remain on the payment history/ledger. 
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Step By Step

1. Click Accounts Receivable then Cash Receipts 


2. Under Outstanding Batches, click TOPS Pay - Attention 


Failed transactions will be listed with the owner and payment information. 

You will also see a notification in the bell alerting you of this issue. 



Apply NSF 

Applying an NSF fee will remove the item from the Requires Attention page, and add an Adjustment Transaction applying the NSF Fee entered. 


1. Enter the NSF Fee amount 

2. Click Apply NSF 



Delete Transaction 

Deleting the transaction from the Requires Attention page will remove the Hold - Direct Debit transaction on their activity feed, and it will remove the line item from the Requires Attention page. 



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