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A report package is a great way to run multiple reports and group them into one PDF report for ease of distribution to board members.

While most of the report parameters tend to be similar, each report definition has individual parameters that can be set for each report. The report package is given a name and the report definitions determine which reports and what data gets generated in the report package when you run/download it.

There are two different types of report packages, Community and Global. This article will go over Global Report Packages. 


Using this feature, you can: 

  • Create Global report package 
    • Available for any community 
  • Supports a single report type per package. 
    • Example: Only one "Balance Sheet" can be added per package
  • Add the report to any attachment gallery 
    • Example: Community Profile Page, Committee page, user page, etc. 
  • Download a PDF version of the package


In This Article 

Build a New Report Package 

Download Report Package 


Step By Step

Build a New Report Package 

1. Click Portfolio then Community. Select the community to work in. 

2. Click Reports and select Packages. 


3. In the Global Report Packages section, click +ADD


4. Enter the Parameters under Package 



Name that will appear on the file name when downloaded. The file name will also include the date the report was generated 

Display Name

The name that will appear on the cover page of the package

Start - End Date 

Report Package Date Range 

(Optional) Cover Page

The cover page will show the display nameorganization namecommunity name, and the date.

(Optional) Table of Contents

Checking this box will include a table of contents page that shows the sequence of the reports, the report name, and the description of the report.


5. Under Reports, select the reports you want to include in this package by clicking the check box. 

Sequence – Upon selecting a report, you’ll notice the sequence number. This is the order that the reports will display in the package. The reports will be shown on the table of contents.


6. Once the reports have been selected, click each report name and fill out the Parameters. 


Each report may have different parameters, and the parameters can change if using this report for multiple communities.


If a report is not downloading , check the settings for that report, and all parameters are set. 

6. When finished, click Save 





Download Report Package

1. Click Reports then Packages

2. Verify the Community selected at the top of the page. To select a different community to generate the report for, click mceclip5.png to select a different community. 


3. Click the  icon to download


This will send your report to your Downloads Folder on your PC 

If a report is not downloading, check the settings for the reports in the package, there may be a blank parameter. 

4. To Print, open your downloaded PDF. 

Your document will open using your default PDF viewer program. 

5. Click the Printer Icon (or press Ctrl+Shift+P) to get the printer options. Click Print when ready


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