Taking Action on a CCR Batch


CCR's with an action table can be processed in a batch in the CCR ticket screen. When processing CCR's in a batch, fees, letters and steps taken can be edited before posting. 

This article will go over how to take action on multiple CCR's and how to undo the process if necessary. 


Before you Start

In order to take action on a CCR record, it must have a CCR Action Table. This defines the action step schedule when a CCR record is created.


When a CCR record is created, TOPS [ONE] uses the Created Date of the record and the action step Days From on the CCR code to set the scheduled actions for that record. As the record is progressed through the steps, the ticket is updated with the new date for the next action.



Emailing Letters to Owners

When a CCR Action Step has a template assigned to it, it can automatically be emailed to the homeowner. 

The Template and the Owner's Delivery preference must be set to email. If not, the letter will be available on the CCR Record and the property activity feed for manual printing. 



Step By Step

1. Click Portfolio then Community. Select the Community to work in. 

2. Click CCR then CCR Tickets. 

3. (Optional) Click mceclip3.pngto filter the tickets shown. 

Tickets can be filtered based on the Next Action Date, to easily find the ticket or tickets that require inspection and progression to the next action.

The tickets do not all need to be for the same code, nor do they all need to be scheduled for the same next action. The important thing is that they all need that next action taken around the same time.


4. Select the tickets to take an action on. 

Click Select All or the + to select the records. The + will turn to a mceclip8.png once selected.

Individual tickets can be processed in a batch, as well as multiple or all tickets. 



5. Click Action then Take Action. 

The Actions button will have the number of records selected. This example shows 2 records selected. 



6. Select whether to add these tickets to a New mceclip7.png or Accrued (existing) batch. 


This will open the CCR Batch Review page. 

7. (Optional) Make edits to the CCR records before posting. 

Available Actions

A. Edit the Next Action Taken. Click mceclip12.png to save the changes. 

Click the mceclip10.png icon to edit: 

  • Next Action Taken
  • Next Action Date
  • Fee Amount
  • Template Used



B. Delete the CCR from the batch


C. Select Additional Letters to Generate 

By default, if there is a letter to be sent with an action step, it will generate for the Primary Owner and the Primary Mailing address for the property. 

To generate additional letters, select from the options below. Items selected will have a mceclip8.png



D. Add a New CCR Records to Batch

This option will allow to quickly and easily add a new CCR record to this batch. 



8. Select the Action Date Post Date


9. Click Post Batch and verify the selection.



10. The letters associated with the actions begin generating immediately. Click the refresh button to update the screen to display all the documents.


Once completed, the letter will be available to view. 


Click Print to view all letters in a single PDF 

Click Letteto view the individual PDF's. 


Undo Batch Action Steps Taken 

1. Click Portfolio then Community. Select the Community to work in. 

2. Click CCR then CCR Tickets. 

3. Click Actions then View Posted Batches. Select the batch to work with. 

4. To Undo the last actions taken, click Undo Processing. 


Letters that were generated and emailed to the owners cannot be undone. This process will undo the process within TOPS [ONE] and the owners ledger. 

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