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No Matter What Kind of Association You’re Working with–Large or Small, Homeowners or Condo–Every Community’s Board of Directors Has a Lot to Think About – Most of Which Requires That Somebody, Somewhere Take Action.

And yet, in spite of us all purporting to hate long meetings and wasted time, many boards tend to repeat the same topics month after month, without much actually being DONE about it in the time between (unless the management company does it.)


An Action Item Report is an excellent way to keep track of what’s been discussed, what has been done, and what remains to be done. This structured to do list gives the board an easy monthly snapshot of the issues facing the community, and can assist them in making decisions more quickly without the need to rehash the same old discussions month after month.

The Action Item Report Is More Than Just a to Do List

Here are some of the ‘hidden benefits’ it offers:

Procrastinator’s Friend – Serving on the Board is a voluntary job, and often board members get caught up in their regular life and forget what they were supposed to do between meetings. The action item list helps them stay on track and get things crossed off between meetings.

Faster Meetings – Use the Action Item list to build your meeting agenda. The easy reference of the list items can help reduce discussion time, prevent redundant discussions, and speed up the decision making the process.

Is the community being sued? The Action Item list (along with the minutes) can help you compile a schedule of the events and the actions taken by the board in a timeline that will hold up in court.

Budget time? Use the action item list to help the board build a better picture of unpredictable expenses and pending issues that will need to be handled in the coming year.

Election time? Board members can use the action item list to help compile a list of all of the things the incumbent board has done for the community in the recent past.

Contract renewal time? Use the action item list to remind the board of all the major achievements they have made thanks to your involvement.

Have to levy a special assessment?
Show homeowners that you have exhausted every possibility.


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