October 2019 Webinars

Join us as members from our Customer Success team meet every Thursday (1-2pm EST) for our weekly webinars.  

Every client is eligible to sign up for training webinars. There is no limit to how many you can attend, or how many people from your office can join.

Missed a session? No problem. Click the registration link to re-watch any webinars that have already been recorded.


October Training Webinars:


Office Hours: Improving Communications with Send Message

Thursday, October 10th @ 1PM EST

Join Lindsay this Thursday for our weekly Office Hours webinar! Come learn various ways to use the send message feature in TOPS [ONE] to send emails to homeowners, generating letters, creating mailing labels and MORE!

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Office Hours: Using the New Lockbox Toolkit

Thursday, October 17th @ 1PM EST

Join Eve as she goes over one of the newest features in TOPS [ONE], the Lockbox Toolkit. The Lockbox Toolkit allows users to review, edit, and print reports on lockbox files that have been imported into TOPS [ONE] before posting to the homeowner's accounts. We will go over these processes to make your lockbox experience a more productive one.

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Office Hours: Best Practices for using Statements and Invoicing

Thursday, October 24th @ 1PM EST

This week, Karin will be going over some best practices for AR Invoices and Statements. We'll cover uploading a statement to the template library, generating statements for a single owner or an entire Community, and review statements before sent out to your Owners. Come join us as we go through best practices for using statements and invoicing 

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Office Hours: Managing Boards and Committees in TOPS [ONE]

Thursday, October 31st @ 1PM EST

Join Valerie as she goes over how to manage committees in TOPS [ONE]. Managing board members and committees in TOPS [ONE] provides a quick view of upcoming meetings, member responsibilities, and other important information. This webinar will teach you how to set up, manage, and send messages to your committees and board members. 

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