TOPS [ONE] Release Notes (Version

Release Date December 11th, 2019


The TOPS [ONE] development team is adding multiple new additions and updates to the platform today.

The following new releases will be live in TOPS [ONE] today. As a web-based product, there is no action for TOPS [ONE] users to take. Your TOPS [ONE] platform will automatically be updated in the cloud.

Here's what's new:



  • Close Open CCR
    • If a property has an open CCR during a resale, the record will be closed and a comment can be left. 




CCR Records

  • Email History
    • CCR Records sent via email will be recorded with information like the date, letter template,  and action taken. In order for letters to be sent by email, the owner and template must have the email as the preferred owner and template delivery preference. 




  • Owner Activity 
    • CCR Transactions will include the charge code and code description


Send Message

  • Send Message to All Addresses 
    • When generating a message for a property, quickly create letters for all addresses (including alternative) by enabling a toggle. When this toggle is generated along with the mailing labels option, it will generate mailing labels for those addresses as well. 
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