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The Export/Import Budget feature enables you to export a budget .CSV file so that the information
can be used in another application like Excel. When the file is opened in Excel, changes like budget amounts, or how it's distributed, can be added then imported into TOPS [ONE] with the newly added values. 

But first, the file must be exported out of TOPS [ONE]. When the budgets are exported from the system, the file will already have the account name, and description in the correct format. 

Note: If the budget includes negative values, they must be imported. Negative budgets cannot be entered manually. 


Please note that the screenshots in this article are just for sample purposes. Budget information, like account name and amount, may differ for your portfolio. 


In This Article 

1. Export Budget .CSV File

2. Editing the Budgets File

3. Importing Budgets



Step by Step 


1. Export Budget .CSV File

1. Click General Ledger then Budgets 



By default, the budgets for the current year will come up. 

To export the budgets for a different year, click the Filters icon. 



2. Click Actions then Export Budget


When selected, the budgets will export in a .CSV file



2. Editing the Budgets File

The file will have the following information 

  • Account Number 
  • Account Description 
  • Cost Center Number 
  • Cost Center Name 
  • Periods 1-12 
    • How the funds are to distributed throughout the year 
    • Or 1-4 if accounting periods are set to Quarterly
  • Total Budget 



Before You Start 

1. Columns A-D should not be edited. This will ensure the system recognizes the import file and the account the budgets should be added to. 

  • Account Name 
  • Description
  • Cost Center Name
  • Cost Center Number


2. Budgets must be distributed throughout the Period columns 

  • The amounts do not need to be the same amount in each period, but they cannot be all left blank. 


3. The Total must equal the sum of the Periods.

  • The amount distributed in throughout the periods must equal out to the total amount for that account. 



4. The only way to enter negative numbers in a budget is using the import tool. Simply add a (-) in front of the number. 




Step By Step 

1. Open the Exported Budgets file from your system. 

For instructions to get the file, click Here

2. Find the account to add the budget to. 


3. Distribute the budget amount across the periods


4. Enter the Total yearly budget in the Total column.

The amount distributed must equal to the total.  


5. Repeat Steps 2-4 until all necessary budgets are added. 

Do Not Make Changes to the First 4 Columns. 

6. Once all budgets have been entered, save the file. 

Note where the file is located, it will be imported in the next few steps. 



3. Importing Budgets

In order for the system to successfully import the budgets, the file must be in the correct format provided when exported as mentioned in the steps above. If the budgets were not exported out of TOPS [ONE], there is a risk the file will not upload correctly. 


Step By Step 

1. Click General Ledger then Budgets 


2. Click Actions then Import Budget


3. Select the Fiscal Year to add the budgets to. 


4. Click Select Files and select the file to import. 

Look for the green bar to verify the system has accepted your file. mceclip6.png

5. Once the green bar comes up, click Close. 


Depending on the size of the budget, the file can take a few minutes to upload. Once the budgets finish importing, a notification in the bell will appear. 

If successful, the notification will look similar to the one below. 




Errors When Importing 

If there is an issue with the budgets import file, there will be a notification with an error file in the notification bell. 


Clicking the notice will download the Budgets Error File. Some errors may be fixed on that same error file, then reimported back into the system. 


Common Errors 

Error  Cause Solution
Invalid GL Account There is an account in the file that is not in the system Manually add the GL account, then add the budget. 
Period Budgets Total and Account Total do not match 1. The distribution or total is not entered. 

2. The total does not equal to the amount distributed. 

Calculate the distribution and totals to make sure they match. 




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