March 2020 Webinars



Join us as members of our Customer Success team meet on Tuesday & Thursday (1-1:30PM EST) for our weekly webinars.  

Every client is eligible to sign up for training webinars. There is no limit to how many you can attend, or how many people from your office can join.

Missed a session? No problem. Click the registration link to re-watch any webinars that have already been recorded.


March Training Webinars:


Getting to Know Service Requests 

Tuesday, March 3rd @ 1PM EST

This week will be a 2 part series to become experts for Service Requests and Work Orders. This Tuesday, Amanda will start off by going over the Service Request Module. She will share some best practices for creating, communicating, & fulfilling requests from your community.

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Getting to Know Work Orders 

Thursday, March 5th @ 1PM EST

This week will be the 2nd part of our series to become experts for Service Requests and Work Orders. This Thursday, you'll meet Emeli! This webinar will teach you how to enter work orders, assign and track maintenance items in your communities.

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Owner Resale

Tuesday, March 10th @ 1PM EST

Resales are an important part of any growing portfolio. Join Lisa as she answers some important questions when it comes to this process. What does the resale process do to the owner and history? This meeting will discuss the steps and discuss options for splitting the history. It will also provide information on the changes that may need to be made before processing the resale. And tips on inviting new owners to sign up for the Owner Portal.

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Accounts Receivable Owner Statements -New Updates! 

Thursday, March 12th @ 1PM EST

There have been some recent updates to our Invoices & Statements feature! Sign up and our Implementation Coordinator, Andra, will go over the new features & some best practices for generating statements.

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Templates - Best Practices & Tips

Tuesday, March 17th @ 1PM EST

Join David as he goes over his best practices on editing your TOPS [ONE] templates. You'll learn what causes Incompatible Merge code errors when uploading your template, how to find and fix "ghost" merge codes, and some tips on using anchors and text boxes.

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Adding a New Community - Best Practices & Common Troubleshooting Tips

Thursday, March 19th @ 1PM EST

Are you planning on importing your communities using our CSV files? Be sure to check this webinar with our Conversion guru, Dave, for best practices and common mistakes made when importing data.

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Owner Adjustments- Batch & Individual

Tuesday, March 24th @ 1PM EST

Join Tara this Tuesday to learn about processing owner adjustments in TOPS [ONE]. Adjustments can be processed for an individual owner, in a batch, and scheduled. Sign up to learn more.

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TOPS Pay - Verifying Codes & Properties are enabled

Thursday, March 26th @ 1PM EST

Congrats! You've successfully registered for TOPS Pay and are getting ready to collect owner payments. Before you start, enroll for this webinar and Maria will go over some key things to verify to ensure a smooth process. You will learn how to see which owners & codes are enrolled, how to properly disable this feature, and more.

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Owner Communication with the Owner Portal

Tuesday, March 31st @ 1PM EST

Lindsay, our Customer Success coordinator, will talk about the process of owner communication on the owner portal. From the setting that allows owners to send messages, to replying to messages and comments left by the owners. You won't want to miss it.

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