TOPS Pay - Enrolling an Owner in AutoPay


AutoPay is a feature with TOPS Pay that allows owners to pay their recurring charges automatically. 

Before charges can be paid, the owners will need to have:

  1. Saved Payment Method 
  2. Enabled Enroll in AutoPay Toggle
  3. Charge Codes Enabled for AutoPay

This article will go over enrolling an owner in AutoPay. 

The instructions vary depending on whether or not they have a payment method on their primary owner profile. 


In this Article

Adding a Saved Payment Method & Enrolling in AutoPay

Enrolling in AutoPay Using an Existing Payment Method  


Without a Saved Payment Method



With a Saved Payment Method 




Step By Step


Before an owner can be enrolled in AutoPay, they will need to have a saved payment method. 

1. Go to the Primary Owner's page

2. Click Actions then Edit Primary Owner 

3. Go to Payment Methods 

4. Add a payment method, click +Add

mceclip0.png5. Select Bank Account or Credit Card. Fill in the required information 


Note: All fields are required.


6. To enroll the owner in AutoPay, select the Enroll this payment method in AutoPay checkbox. 


7. Select the Codes to enable for AutoPay

Owners can update the charge codes selected from their owner portal. If this toggle is turned on, and charges are applied to that code, funds will be deducted from the owners account in 3 business days. 



8. Verify the Owner has read and agreed to the AutoPay terms and conditions. 

9. Click Add

10. Click Save 



1. Go to the Primary Owner's page

2. Click Actions then Edit Primary Owner 

3. Go to Payment Methods and click to select the Primary Payment method. 

Once selected, the payment will be highlighted in dark blue. 


nable the Enable AutoPay toggle 





5. Select the Codes to enable for AutoPay 

6. Have the Owner Read and Accept the Terms & Conditions for AutoPay

7. Click Save


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