Invoices & Statements - Using Scanlines


In order to use scanlines on your AR statements, your portfolio will need to have required information filled out, and the correct merge code on your statement template,  The necessary ID's are provided by your bank.  



Required Information

Management Company ID (Bank Page) 


- Lockbox ID (Bank Account Profile)

-Association ID. 


Adding Scanlines Merge Code to Templates

Office 365, or Office 2013 or higher is required in order to edit templates. 

Modifying any of these templates in lower versions of MS Office will cause the template to break when attempting to use it in TOPS [ONE].


Step By Step

1. Download an existing template from your TOPS [ONE]

2. Open the file in Word. 

3. Move the cursor to the area in the template where you want to add the scanline. 

4. Open the TOPS [ONE] Merge Code 

Add TOPS [ONE] Merge Code Manager add-in to Word 2013/2016

 You do not need to log in for this merge code, click Skip.

5.  Select the following options 


6a. Select the Merge Code for your bank. If using Union Bank, skip to step 6b. 

Once you click the merge code, it will load on the document where you last had your cursor. 

Do not edit the font size or color of the scanline once generated. 



6b. If using Union Bank, select OCR A Scan Line, and update the scanline Font Size  to 10 

If not set with the correct font size, the scanline may not work properly. 



 7. Once the edits to the template have been completed, save the file in a location that is easily accessible. 

8. Upload a Statement Template 


The template can now be used when generating AR invoices & statements

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