May 2020 Webinars



Join us as members of our Customer Success team meet on Tuesday & Thursday (1-1:30pm EST) for our weekly TOPS [ONE] webinars.  

Every client is eligible to sign up for training webinars. There is no limit to how many you can attend, or how many people from your office can join.

Missed a session? No problem. Click the registration link to re-watch any webinars that have already been recorded.


May Training Webinars:


Email Blast Homeowners 

Tuesday, May 5th @ 1PM EST

With the current environment we live in, it's important to be able to communicate with the homeowners, but keep yourself safe. Join Lisa as she goes over how to send Email Blasts to your homeowners using the Send Message feature.

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Using Scanlines 

Thursday, May 7th @ 1PM EST

Scanlines are now available for AR Statements for the following banks: Mutual of Omaha, Alliance Association, Pacific Premier Bank, and Union Bank. Lindsay will go over how to ensure your scanlines will work properly with your banks! Before this webinar starts, make sure to ask your bank for your: Management Company ID, Lockbox ID, and Association ID!

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Creating & Managing AP Items 

Tuesday, May 12th @ 1PM EST

Sign up today and meet with Deb as she goes over creating recurring AP items. Recurring vendor invoices, such as monthly management fees or lawn contracts, can be easily set up to automatically accrue each month, allowing you to edit accrued invoices (if needed) and post these recurring payables.

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Preparing a Pro/iQ community for conversion to TOPS [ONE] 

Thursday, May 19th @ 1PM EST

Congrats! You've joined the [ONE] family! Your communities have been added and you're ready to get started. But now what? Lisa will go over the next steps you should take to make sure your portfolio is ready to go.

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Refund Owner Credit 

Tuesday, May 21st @ 1PM EST

Join Tara to learn more in-depth about refunding owner credit prepaid.

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Creating Report Packages

Thursday, May 26th @ 1PM EST

This Tuesday, Andra will show the two different report packages offered in TOPS [ONE], Global and Community! Need to create a report package with multiple versions of the same report? Sign up and learn how today!

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Creating Custom Views    

Tuesday, May 28th @ 1PM EST

Join Deb as she goes over how to create and set custom views for your index pages. Most index pages offer the option to set filters and search for specific items on your list. These filters can be saved as a view and shared across all users in your portfolio, or just for yourself. Save your seat and enroll.

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