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TOPS ONE - Search Update

Updated Search announcement – 5/21/2020


TOPS Software is excited to release this update to the TOPS [ONE] Search system!

This new Search is specialized for the primary use we see for Search: looking for an Owner, Property, or Community within your Portfolio. It is lightning fast, with results displaying in a fraction of a second!


This improved Search works the same way as the classic global search: simply type what you are looking for and press the [ENTER] key or choose the [GO] button.

You may use the asterisk character (*) at the end of your search text to tell the system you want to find results that begin with the search text. For Example:

search text "JOHN*" would return results that begin with "JOHN" (like JOHNSON)


To access the classic global Search, type what you are looking for and choose the [ALL] button instead.

TOPS Software is committed to continued enhancement of TOPS ONE and will be implementing this vastly improved Search for all areas of the system, specifically searching for transactions.

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