Incident Report - Automated Jobs Duplication Reported- June 1st, 2020


What happened?

Some users have reported Automated Jobs ran twice from May 29th - June 1st, 2020.


What should I do?

Please review your Communities with Automated Jobs to determine if they were affected.


I found a duplicate job. Now what?

  • GL and AP Automated Jobs
    • Delete any duplicate transactions.
  • AR - Apply Charges Automated Jobs:
    1. Delete Both apply prepaid transactions for these charges.
    2. Delete the duplicate apply charge transaction.
      • (There should only be one (1) Apply Charge transaction).
    3. Apply Prepaids 

These steps need to be taken within the TOPS Pay processing window to avoid double billing of the owners. 


For assistance with this issue, please reach out to the TOPS Support Team. 

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