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Statements are used to show an owner's property ledger between a set date range. These statements show the charges applied and payments recorded in the system. TOPS [ONE] now allows you to use Mailroom in order to send statements either by First Class and/or Certified Mail with just a click of a button! 


Before You Get Started

  • TOPS Mailroom Setup 
    • You cannot send Letters via Mailroom without setting up the feature. 
  • Verify your Statement Template Settings 
    • Ensure that your Statement Template has the right delivery setting before sending out your statements in the Mailroom Options
    • If your templates are set to Email, only the owners who have their preference set to Print will generate in the Mailroom batch. 
    • To send the Statements to All owners via Mailroom, you can permanently or temporarily set the template to Cannot Email. 

Available Settings 

Printing Color 

Black and White


Printing Duplex 
There is no price difference in either option. Choose Double Sided to save trees and paper. 




First Class




In This Article

1. Generate AR Statements

2. View and Send Statements to Mailroom 


Step By Step

 Generate Statement

1. Click Accounts Receivable then Invoices & Statements


2. Click Actions then Billing Statements
Or click the Generate Statements KPI

3. Edit your Statement Settings.


1. Post Date  Defaults to the current date. 

2. Statement Template List of available statement templates. The first template in the list is the default template. 

3. Bank Account Default Community Bank Account. 

4. Mailroom Settings Displays the current Mailroom settings for the template selected. 
If the settings need to be updated, right-click the Admin icon on the navigation pane, then navigate to the template library to update the settings, then refresh the statements page to view the updated settings. 

5. Due Date 

6. Start/End Date Date Range for the owner activity statements. Defaults to the current period's month. 

7. Message (optional)  This field will be pulled onto the statement template. 
This option requires the <StatementMessage> merge code to already be on the template before generating the statements. 

8. Include Direct Debit message If enabled, this will let homeowners enrolled in AutoPay will see the following message on their statements "Your account is enabled for Direct Debit. This statement may include items that are not eligible for Autopay or other forms of direct debit."
The <StatementMessage> merge code will need to be in the statement template in order to view this message on the statement. 


4. Select the Property Owner Options


1. Include Direct Debit Owners Will include owners who are enrolled in Direct Debit (This includes owners who are enrolled in Autopay using TOPS Pay).

2. Include Prepaid Accounts If enabled, a statement will generate for an owner even if they have a prepaid balance.  If disabled, it will not generate a statement for that owner.

3. Filter By Balance Filter statements based on an amount entered. Once the filter is selected, enter the amount to set the parameter.


5. Select the Statement Info Options


Include Selected Charges Click the Charges button to select the codes you want to include in this batch. By default, all of the codes are selected.

Include Balance Forward 

Include Future Charges Include future charges will pull an additional charge of your choosing on the billing statement.



6. Select owners for the batch. 


Filter Owners List (optional)
By default, all primary owners in the community will be selected for the statement batch. Before using the filter or sort option, click Deselect All then check off the owners you plan on adding to the batch. 

1. Click mceclip2.png

2. Select the Search Option 

3. Enter the range or owners to search

4. Click Apply




Click the Drop-down menu to select a Sort option for the owner's list below. 


7. Click from the following

Generate & Review This option will generate the statements without emailing them to homeowners. Allowing to review before sending them out.  
Best Practice to use this option, make sure the statements look correct before sending out to Mailroom. (Check for blank pages in your templates, fix accordingly.)

Generate & Send This option email statements as soon as the batch finishes generating.  

8. Depending on the size of the statement batch, the batch may take some time to finish generating the letters.  While the documents generate, feel free to leave the page. 

The statements will start generating in the background, and a notification will pop up in the bell notifying you once the statements are ready. 



9. Click the bell, then the alert to return to the now completed batch. 


You can also find the AR Statement transaction in the Community Page or Invoices & Statements Activity Feed.  


View/Print Statements

1a. Click the notification in the bell related to the Statement batch,


1b. Find the transaction in the Community or the Invoices & Statements activity feed. 

Click the Transaction ID that you want to print 


2. Click the first PDF icon to view the file that will be sent to Mailroom. 

Owners who have the type set to email will be excluded from Mailroom. To include them in the mailroom batch, update the template setting to Cannot Print then generate a new statement batch.  


3. Once the PDF is verified, click Send to Mailroom mceclip9.png 

4. The Summary will give an estimate for the order before it is placed. Click Submit Order 
The number of letters is the number of pages to be sent, this number may be more than the number of owners in the batch. To verify, click the PDF batch mentioned in step 2, and compare the order to the number of pages in the batch. The numbers should match. 



View the Order on the Mailroom Portal 

1. Click Admin on the Navigation Pane 


2. Under Related Links, click TOPS Mailroom Setup


3. Click Visit TOPS Mailroom Portal 

Once the portal opens, it is recommended to bookmark that page for easy access. (Click Control + B) 


4. Click the Orders Tab. 

5. Orders for your portfolio will be available on this page. 

If available, orders can be canceled by clicking the x  under Delete. 


If you have a question about an order on the page, click the Contact Us tab, and reach out to the Mailroom support team by email or to view their phone number. 

In order to use the Email Us option, a default email application must be set on your device. 
The email is

Be sure to have your order number and [ONE] ID when reaching out to their support. 

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