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Release Date 6/17/2020


The TOPS [ONE] development team is adding multiple new additions and updates to the platform today.

As a web-based product, there is no action for users to take. Your system will automatically be updated in the cloud.

Here's what's new:

Letters and Statement Templates

  • Produce DOCX or PDF format
    • TOPS [ONE] now allows you to control the output format of generated Letters and Statements.

    • Choose the gear button to expand / collapse the "Format Settings" panel and manage your Format Settings.


  • You may choose to produce either PDF or DOCX formats for:
    • Statements
    • All Letters
      • this includes CCR Letters, Collection Letters, Send Message Letters

    • This setting controls the output format for you entire TOPS [ONE].
    • The default setting is PDF format.

When processing Statements and Letters, TOPS [ONE] will produce the format currently chosen under Format Settings.

the icons displayed within TOPS [ONE] will signify what the produced format is:

PDF outputs:



DOCX outputs:



A few important notes about choosing DOCX format

while DOCX format allows you to edit the letter or statement before sending it to the resident, a few things to consider:

  1. DOCX is the modern Microsoft Word document format, and may require a license of Microsoft Word to open the document.

  2. DOCX formats cannot be sent through TOPS Mailroom.

  3. Edits made to the DOCX formatted file are not automatically saved in TOPS [ONE].

    1. TOPS [ONE] is not aware of changes made to the DOCX file once it is downloaded to your local computer.

    2. This is important if a letter or statement is modified before it is sent to a resident.  In this scenario we strongly suggest uploading the edited DOCX file to the appropriate Attachment Gallery within TOPS [ONE] for accountability and historical accuracy.

    3. for example:
      1. I choose to produce a DOCX formatted document for a statement batch containing 100 recipients, and I choose to edit the document before I print and mail it.  I should upload the edited document to the Community's Attachment Gallery so that I have a digital record of the final version that was sent to my residents.



Various application improvements and bug fixes.

If you would like to check the status of an open ticket please login at:

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