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Some States Laws (like Nevada) require a disclaimer or message on certain General Ledger reports. 

The Global Report Footer feature allows users to set a default message (100 characters max) that can appear on the following GL reports:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Balance Sheet - By Range
  • Budget - Profit & Loss By Range
  • Budget - Profit & Loss Format
  • Budgets
  • Detailed Income Statement
  • Detailed Income Statement - By Range
  • Fund Balance Sheet
  • Fund Balance Sheet - By Range
  • Income Statement
  • Income Statement - By Range
  • Reserve Statement
  • Reserve Statement - By Range
  • Yearly Income Statement
  • Yearly Spreadsheet

Once the message has been set on the Admin page, the message can be set to appear on the reports export parameters


In This Article 

Set the Report Footer message

Using the Report Footer Feature



Step By Step 


Set/Edit the Report Footer message

 1. Click Admin 

2. Under Related Links click Report Settings 

3. Enter/Edit the Custom Message under Report Footer
This message can be edited on the report parameters before exporting. 


4. Click Save 


Using the Report Footer Feature

1. Go to Reports then Standard

2. Select a General Ledger report mentioned above. 

3. Under the Export Parameters, enable the Show Report Footer toggle. 

The message will not appear on the report if this is not enabled 

4. (optional) Click Edit to edit the saved footer message.


5. Click Apply to save the setting on the report.

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